Crafted with passion in Germany, Aleo X59L315 solar panels are the perfect option for customers seeking an aesthetically pleasing, reliable and premium solar panel product with the best product warranty in the business.

Aleo X59L315 Features:

Low Panel Degradation

Extremely low degradation of 2% in the first two years. This is extremely good when compared to other panels in the market that can degrade by up to 2-3% in the first year

Excellent Loading Capability

Panels offer front load resistance of 8000Pa, compared to the 5400Pa offered by other brands

Top-Quality & Trustworthy Product

All panels are 100% produced in Germany.
98% of nominal power guaranteed in the first two years
100% of costs covered for defective products
100% replacement guarantee

Product Quality Testing

Panels undergo strict quality tests by high resolution electroluminescence measurements. This ensures that 100% of diodes are tested
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline Si
  • Product Warranty: 25-year product warranty. 25-year linear power warranty
  • Product Brochure: Aleo X59L315
  • Product Weight: 19 kg (41.9 lbs)
  • Model: X59L315
  • Output: 315w
  • Heat Tolerance: -0.40% /℃
  • Panel Brand: Aleo