Solar Timeline

Step 1

So you’re thinking of getting solar installed? This is where the process begins. Click here to answer a series of questions about your home and its occupants so that we can gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for and which one of our solar packages will suit you best.

Step 2

Once you’ve submitted our questionnaire, a professional solar technician will complete an online site analysis. During this process, the technician will analyse your property using various programs to ensure there will be no shading issues or external factors that would minimise the output of your system. Once this is complete, a proposed panel layout for your property will be created, your switchboard will be examined to identify if it needs an upgrade and your installation will be assigned to a CEC accredited installer who will contact you to organise a site visit.

Step 3

This next step involves the CEC accredited installer conducting a site visit to discuss the findings from Step 2. He will also inspect your roof and switchboard on-site to ensure that nothing was missed in the initial analysis. During this meeting, the installer will also discuss our solar packages with you to confirm which one best suits your budget and energy needs.

Step 4

After you have decided on the best package for your property, we will provide you with a quote. Your ten business day cooling-off period will begin on the day you sign the contract.

Step 5

Before your installation, we will contact you to lock in a date and time that suits you best. Pending weather, your installation will be completed on this day.

Step 6

Your installation is complete! Now we will begin the process to get your smart meter installed so that you can get connected to the grid. This process can take up to 4 weeks so please be patient. While you’re waiting, why not recommend AusPac Solar to your friends and family to earn some money? You can check out our referral program here.