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Our Solar Panels Sydney Installation Services

Being a family-owned and operated Australian supplier and installer of Solar Panels Sydney, we understand how important it is for you to want to work with a trusted and professional solar company that just gets the local Sydney resident.

It is not a secret that we offer exceptional solar systems in Sydney to professional standards, taking into account when designing systems for Sydney, your home position, your needs and wants from a system, and your overall budget. Furthermore, we are a CEC Approved solar retailer which employs only the best CEC-certified solar installers. Our team is professional, honest and transparent, and is happy to discuss every aspect of costs and technology used for your Sydney solar installation from the very beginning.

Here at AusPac Solar, our service offerings are endless, as we provide our Sydney customers a turn-key solar solution, that covers system design, a wide range of “best in class” solar technology, battery storage solar solutions, installation, and servicing, and after-sales customer support. We also offer solar panel installation in Sydney,  cleaning and ongoing maintenance for our customers.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Products

Here at AusPac Solar we work with the best suppliers to offer our Sydney customers high quality materials with the best warranties.

CEC accredited installers
AusPac Solar ensures that we only use the best LOCAL electricians and CEC accredited installers in the Sydney area.
Exceptional After Installation Service
At AusPac Solar, we don’t just install and forget you. Using a personalised scheduling system we can let you know when your Sydney Solar system is due for a service and check up, easy and hassle free.
First Class installation experience

At AusPac Solar, Your experience is important to us. That’s why we are continually working on improving the installation experience for our Sydney customers.

Our Service Promise
We back up our Sydney Solar Installations
Up to 25 Yr Panel Performance Warranty
Need that extra level of protection for your solar system? AusPac Solar can provide the assurance you need to keep the solar power flowing and the electricity bills down.

The performance guarantee provides an assurance to the minimum amount of energy generated from your system.

Up to 10 YearInverter Warranty
Everyone know that the Inverter is the heart of any Sydney Solar system. Because of this we have partnered with Good We to offer up to a 10 Years Inverter Warranty.

This guarantee provides assurance of a functional inverter for the warranty period.

10 Year
Workmanship Warranty
At AusPac Solar we offer a 10 year warranty on the installation services relating to our solar systems.

This means that if a solar system installed by us fails or breaks within 10 years due to defective performance of our installation services we will fix it or replace it.

What are the benefits of installing Solar Panels in Sydney?

There are many benefits to installing solar panels and battery storage solutions in Sydney.
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Amazing ROI
Cost Savings
Solar Panel Initiatives and Rebates
Increased Property Value
Peace of Mind.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

It is indisputable that Solar power is way better for the environment than relying on conventional electricity supplied from the Sydney grid alone. Taking actionable steps on top of introducing solar to your home like, operating your energy using appliances during the daytime hours and installing energy-efficient light bulbs, can also have an amazing effect on protecting the environment.

Amazing ROI

It’s not a secret that you can achieve a great return on investment of your initial investment of your solar installation. In Sydney, with the right system you should have no issue recovering your initial Solar Panel cost in Sydney over the lifespan of your new system.

Cost Savings

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in electricity bills with a new solar system. This is obviously dependent on factors such as the size of the system you have installed, the orientation and placement of panels on your property, your location and of course how much electricity you consume.

Check out our convenient solar panel savings calculator to find out how much money you can save each year from panels and solar battery storage on your electricity bill.

Solar Panel Initiatives and Rebates

Depending on the state you reside in, there are opportunities to receive additional rebates and Solar subsidies for going solar or applying a solar storage solution to a residential or commercial property.

Our friendly solar experts are able to identify what rebate or subsidies you could be entitled too, just ask them in the consultation.

Increased Property Value

Solar can be an additional incentive for future home buyers once you place it on your Sydney home, but not only that it can actually increase the overall value of your property. Using the best solar installers in Sydney and keeping your solar panels well maintained will also help to maximise your home’s overall value.

Peace of Mind.

It’s no secret that all across this great land of ours, electricity rates are on the rise and have no indication of slowing down anytime soon. With budgets stretched so thin already, this can be a very daunting thought for many Sydney households as many struggle to budget now. The addition of a solar system to your home will alleviate this pressure and take you away from worrying about rising electricity rates for good.

It makes sense to move to a cost-effective energy solution nowadays, with the ever-growing costs of electricity here in Australia. Whether it’s your home or your business you want to escape the rising prices here in Sydney AusPac Solar is here to help.

Don’t be seduced by ridiculously cheap, low-quality solar installations that are out there, as they are just not worth it. It makes sense to work with a trustworthy and professional solar company that uses quality products and components and offers second-to-none workmanship. AusPac Solar is dedicated and committed to providing high quality solar installations to those living and working in Sydney.

The AusPac Solar Way!

We understand Solar is a huge investment and can be a daunting process, so we like to think that we keep our process very simple and hassle-free. It all begins with an initial consultation over the phone. This can be done either as a simple phone call or if you want to see us and really understand who you are talking to, then we have no issues with a video conference.

During the consultation we will listen to your needs, what your goal is with solar, grab some details and we will discuss your site, your current electricity bill, the solar technology you’re looking at, and how much solar energy in Sydney you’d like to generate.

95% of properties can easily have solar installed, and if your property is a good candidate for solar panels, and if solar can match your desired goal for having solar, we will get started on designing a solar system Sydney that is customized to your needs, your wants, and your site.

We want you to get the maximum benefit out of the system we install for you, so we focus on creating solar systems that are totally specific to your property. This will take into account the orientation of the panels, the shade issues (if any), the quantity of power the system needs to generate to match your usage, and the solar technology we use to ensure every piece of the system is designed to gain maximum benefit for you.

After you agree to the design and you are happy with us as a company, then we move on to the implementation and installation of your system. AusPac Solar operates their installations with a National Network of CEC Certified installers that are strictly vetted by our internal team to ensure we only have the best installers in Sydney.

Once we have everything ready to go and we have your sign-off on the design and the proposal we will provide you with a hassle-free and seamless install of your new system, updating you every step of the way to ensure that you know what is going on. We will take care of everything from build permits (if needed) to inspections to connections with the power company. No system is too big or too small for the team here at AusPac Solar Energy Sydney.

Finally, we are ready to commission your system and switch on the savings. You will begin saving money with your new investment almost immediately. The services we provide don’t stop at the end of the installation, AusPac Solar offers extensive services to all existing solar panel setups in Sydney. We offer ongoing panel maintenance include routine servicing, cleaning, and any required repairs.

We are committed to prioritizing our Sydney solar power customers here at AusPac Solar. We ensure that every need is met with our solar installation and with ongoing support.

If you’d like to enquire about a solar system Sydney, please contact us today. In Australia, we are your go-to solar installer for both residential and commercial solar system large or small.

Why Choose AusPac Solar Panels Providers in Sydney?

Solar has had a huge increase in popularity recently with many people now understanding the benefits to a quality solar system. With this increase, there are many more “solar companies” entering the Sydney solar market almost on a daily basis.

Here at AusPac Solar, we pride ourselves on being an experienced solar team that has been helping customers install and maintain their solar systems for almost 10 years. During that 10 years, we have built a reputation on being a knowledgeable and professional solar company in Sydney and for the high quality of workmanship, we provide on every solar installation Sydney we conduct.

AusPac Solar is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, a member of the Clean Energy Council and the Master Electricians. We are a 100% family owned and operated Australian company that understands the Aussie market and offers a family feel service rarely seen in other solar companies. Whilst others treat you like a number, we treat you like family, offering a personalised approach to what, in most cases, is a huge investment for the household.

We are there every step of the way to ensure you receive a solar system that meets your expectation with a solar journey that is flawless and hassle-free.


How long does the Solar Installation in Sydney take?

When installing Solar Power in Sydney there are a few steps involved. Firstly, we must apply for permission to build a PV Solar System on your home or business which usually can take from 1-2 weeks to apply and get approved, but in some circumstances, this process could take longer.

Rest assured either way we will keep you in the loop. On approval of that application, we can order the components of your system and confirm an install date with you and our install team. Usually, our CEC certified installers can install a residential system in a single day, but obviously the Sydney, size and complexity of the job and weather conditions dictates the overall length of the install.

On Average in Sydney we can complete the whole process of a metro solar installation in 4-6 weeks and for a regional solar installation, the whole process takes approximately 4 – 10 weeks.

Again, we will keep you informed on every step of the way to ensure you are in the loop of your solar installation.

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If you are interested, then whilst on the call our solar expert, can design a customized system right there and then suit your lifestyle, your home, and of course your budget. From there we can offer you a no-obligation quote on various system options we discussed for a solar system supply and installation in Sydney. AusPac Solar is always dedicated to offering the best solar system in Sydneypossible to our Sydney customers.

Simply call our office on 1300 197 237 to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about what we have to offer, and our solar deals we have going in Sydney.

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