AusPac Solar Standard Package

Why Choose the AusPac Solar Standard Package?

AusPac Solar is dedicated to helping you take control of your energy usage and getting you saving on your power bills! We know getting solar can be a pricey investment so our Standard Package offers superior performance ET Solar Tier 1 panels and a reliable GoodWe DNS Series Inverter at an affordable price point.

What is included?

Solar Panels: 275w ET P660275WW/WB Solar Panels

  • High conversion efficiency – Maximum of 17.21%, steady power output guaranteed
  • An anti-reflective coating
  • A 0 to +5W positive tolerance gain, meaning the panels yield more power than expected
  • Excellent loading capability – making them a durable and long-lasting option
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty: 15 years

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Inverter: Goodwe DNS Series Inverter

  • Wide MPPT Range
  • 10% AC Overloading
  • High Efficiency – 98%
  • Multi-monitoring Method (Wifi, RS485, WLAN)
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty: 10 years

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