AusPac Solar Premium + Battery Package

Why Choose the AusPac Solar Premium + Battery Package?

AusPac Solar is dedicated to helping you take control of your energy usage and getting you saving on your power bills! Our Premium + Battery Package offers superior quality Aleo 315w Solar Panels, a Sungrow Hybrid Inverter and a Sungrow Battery. You can rest easy knowing you have the best of the best panels, a reliable hybrid inverter and a great battery.

What is included?

Solar Panels: 315w Aleo X59L315 Solar Panels

  • High conversion efficiency – Maximum of 17.21%, steady power output guaranteed
  • An anti-reflective coating
  • A 0 to +5W positive tolerance gain, meaning the panels yield more power than expected
  • Excellent loading capability – making them a durable and long-lasting option
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty: 15 years

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Inverter: Sungrow SGR-SH5K-20 Hybrid Inverter

  • High Efficiency – 98.6%
  • Integrated lightning protection for both AC and DC
  • Self-cooling capabilities with an IP Rating of IP65
  • Optimiser and battery compatible
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty: 10 years

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Battery: Sungrow SBP4K8 Residential Battery

  • High reliability and safety with prismatic cells from Samsung
  • Multi-protection at both cell level and system level
  • Remote monitoring of battery status through an App and web portal
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty: 10 years

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